Free Yourself From Stress And Frustration With Emotional Freedom Technique

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Stress and frustrations can mar your entire life if you fail to do something positive to deal with them. If you’re constantly stressed up, there’s no way you can succeed in any venture in life. The same scenario is also applicable when you’re frustrated. The good news is this: there’s always a way out of stress and frustrations. You can use Emotional Freedom Technique to free yourself from such conditions.

Basically, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) refers to an alternative intervention being propagated by the proponents of energy psychology. The famous psychologist, Gary Craig was the brain behind the invention. EFT is also a kind of technique in psychotherapy which is used in helping individuals suffering from all kinds of mental or emotional problems. Desensitization is the major goal in EFT. It makes uses of the tapping of acupuncture points in helping an individual when he or she focuses on a specific issue during therapy.

Despite the many criticisms leveled against the Emotional Freedom Technique, it has continued to be very beneficial to people who use it. In most cases, the technique has a placebo effect on patients. It can also distract your attention from negative thoughts and also gives you a therapeutic effect when used properly.

Really, Emotional Freedom Technique can actually help a lot in dealing with stress and frustration. There’s always a particular process of using the technique in order to realize great results. In most cases, emotional intensity of the individual involved is rated on scale while some positive affirmations are repeated at the same time when a specific spot on the chest is being rubbed. The next process that follows is the tapping of a series of acupressure points while some affirmations are still voiced out. At the end of the therapy, the person’s emotional intensity is properly re-scored.

Indeed, with EFT, one can bid goodbye to stress and frustration. When properly engaged, the technique deals with stress and also removes the self sabotaging tendencies that lead to stress and frustration. The tapping process is mainly the aspect you need to learn in EFT. If you’re confused about that, you need to watch the EFT video online to discover how the technique actually works.

Meanwhile, it’s very important to know the root cause of your stress and frustration before attempting to use Emotional Freedom Technique. In most cases, the problem is half-solved when you’re able to decode the root cause of your ugly condition. If for any reason you find it difficult to decode the root cause, you might consider meeting a psychotherapist to help you out. In most cases, the psychotherapist will take you through a counseling or probing process in order to decode the root cause of your problem. He or she will also recommend EFT or any other means to help you deal with the problem.

In the final analysis, it’s very important for you to know that Emotional Freedom Technique is a gradual process. You don’t engage in it to expect automatic or instant results. You have to stay at it and take the processes involved regularly in order to deal with stress and frustration disturbing your life.